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HINO: 300 Series


If your only objective was to haul loads, there would be no reason to select this truck. This Truck delivers low emission levels and environmental compliance in addition to superior economic efficiency through reduced fuel consumption.

The driver’s and passenger compartment was designed from the perspective of preventing accidents from occurring.

It is also fitted with many safety functions just in case an accident does occur. Its beautiful styling will be a fitting face for your company and its nimble suspension will improve the quality of your transportation operations. And because this truck satisfies the various needs of our times at a high level, it is worthy of your choice.

HINO, maker of quality trucks for the global market, has infused its philosophy and technology into its trucks regardless of their size, from heavy and medium-duty trucks to light-duty trucks. This philosophy also lives on in the HINO 300 series that we introduce here.

This is HINO’s solution to providing a smart, easy- to-use, clean and functional vehicle in the category of light-duty trucks.
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